• Parse

    An application for performing calculations and comparative analysis of Herticad, Pemetrexed and Avegra.

  • Contact center Dnipro

    An application contact center for the Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

  • Kvado

    An application for calculating rents and utility bills for the kvado.ru service.

  • Karpachoff Life Tracker

    An application that contains Dmitry Karpachoff 's time tracking technique.

  • Blocker

    An application for iPhone and Android that allow blocking unwanted calls from the numbers, the list of which is downloaded…


    An Android application for controllers of metering devices.

  • Promotions

    A small application for centralized control of the issuance of gifts for Samsung promotions in Uzbekistan.

  • EW Manager

    An application that help you organize an event of any scale with any number of guests and not lose anyone.

  • Guide

    Online guide to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania and the city of Vladikavkaz.

  • AlaniaMarket

    Online storefront for the store of household chemicals and products.


    An application for the service, uniting buyers for joint bargains with delivery.

  • Термокухня

    An application for working with a BLE device

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